Keep Your Kids Busy On Rainy Days

For most kids, rainy days are the bane of their existence and few parents look forward to them either. Rain means that the kids can’t play outdoors, that mud will be tracked in and that if anyone gets too wet they could catch a cold. What do you do then, when it starts to rain and the kids start to complain of boredom? We have some fun ideas for entertaining kids indoors without making a huge mess.

Get crafty

The easiest way to entertain kids is to give them something that makes them busy. Get their hands working or their minds focused on a task. One great and easy way to entertain kids on a rainy day is to get them to take on an art project. This could be anything from colouring or painting to crafting by doing handwork. The trick is to give them something unexpected – like a treat – something different to their everyday colouring options. Perhaps you could give painting by numbers a try.

You can find painting by numbers colouring books or simple google for images and get print outs. Then give kids crayons or paints that match the designated colours and have them spend a few hours matching paint colours to the right number and filling in their drawings! You could also have kids create their own for each other by drawing outlines and numbering them – it’ll create hours of endless fun.

Make use of the rain

You could also use the rain to your advantage. If the weather isn’t too bad have the kids put on raincoats and take umbrellas and go for a short walk. Sometimes all you need to do is get some exercise. Alternatively, you could make paper boats – a fun activity for everyone! Have kids decorate the boats and consider using wax paper which might float longer or even a thicker paper. Just make sure you collect the boats when you are done!

Other option

There are plenty of options for rainy day entertainment. You could play with Legos – kids love Legos and building things with their hands. You could also have a family fun night with board games like clue or monopoly and play card games. Teach kids to play snap or joker or even just go fish. Kids of all ages love card games. You could even make a jigsaw puzzle. If the rain continues, you could bake some cookies or make hot chocolate with the kids before curling up to read a favourite story with them or watch a great movie!