Interesting Indigenous Stories And Drawings

If you research about the history of the Aboriginal artworks, you would be intrigued about the various stories that it represents. This rich and ancient artwork was used for many generations. Even today, these drawings are very important to these communities, as it’s a way of teaching and leaning. Moreover, the diverse symbols, patterns, colours, etc. that are used in the drawings are interesting to study. While there are many famous artists that produce these works on canvases, you might be interested in knowing some stories behind the paintings. Here are some facts about these paintings that might interest you:Types of arts To begin with, the stories, philosophies, etc. that took the form of drawings has been passed on for hundreds of thousands of years. Even dating back to the prehistoric eras of the world. Over the years, these drawings have been available in different types for varying purposes and reasons. Here are some of the types of these artworks that are available here;-    Bark artwork –    Body paints –    Ochre painting –    Wood carvings Famous Artists On the other hand, there are various famous artists that used different styles, symbols to describe stories of their cultures. Some of these individuals are listed below;-    Polly Ngale paintings-    Annie Petyaare-    Gladys Kemarre and many more. Interesting Indigenous Stories     Bush medicine leaves The artists that paint stories of this style is highlighting the importance this important medicinal leaf. The women in this community collected these leaves, as they were very important in handling different medical practices. The objective of the drawings is to encourage regenerating this plant, so that the community could benefit from it’s healing power.     Bush plum dreaming The famous Pkathleen petyarre paintings are drawn to show tribute or homage to the bush plum tree to continue bearing fruit during the season. This was done through ceremonies involving singing and dancing. The patterns in this painting represent the fruits, flowers, ceremonies and so on.     Fire dreaming Yet, another interesting type of painting that majority of individuals appreciate over the world. The drawings represent how lands were burnt in a controlled manner, patterns that show the direction or effect of the wind. Moreover, in order to show contrast of the winds, fire, etc. bright and dark vibrant colours are used. There are many other artists who have mastered various techniques is presenting different stories related to various regions, cultures, etc. Hence, you could visit many online galleries to see the great works of these people.