Decorate Your College Dorm Room

Your college dorm room will be your home for at least a year if not for your entire four years at college. You will want to turn it into a cozy refuge that reflects who you are and that feels safe and homely. You may also be in a smaller space than you were previously used to and may be wondering how to decorate this space and make it cozy and comfortable. Here are some tips on how you could get started…

Make things homey

You may at the very beginning feel homesick and may have bouts of homesickness on and off throughout your college life. The best way to address this is to have a slice of home or something to remind you of home in your room. The options are endless. You could either just frame and keep one or two family photos by your bed, or alternatively create a photo collage that you can add to as the year progresses. Just print out your favourite pictures of family and friends, get some blu tack or removable tape and start pinning up pictures. If you want it to look cute and to double as décor pick a shape – you could do a square, a circle, or get super creative and do a heart or a cloud shaped collage! Either way this will not only add colour and a point of interest to your room but will remind you of everyone that loves you and that is rooting for you back home!

Stay focused

While college is about making new friends, gaining independence and experiencing new things it is also about learning and increasing your knowledge and skills. Sometimes you need to make sure that you stay motivated and your room should also encourage you to study and work hard. Keep your desk space organised. You can get colourful binders and notebooks that will make your study space look attractive and lively! You can also purchase inspirational wall stickers to put up over your desk.

These inspirational wall stickers come with all sorts of fun quotes ranging from single phrases like ‘courage’ to longer quotes by authors and other celebrities. Pick one that you love and stick it above your desk! It may prove useful when your assignment deadlines are looming and you start to feel a little overwhelmed.

Keep things pretty

Ultimately, your room should reflect who you are as a person so go with the décor that you feel is pretty. If you share a room then you may need to get your roommates permission before decorating but generally things like photographs are unlikely to offend anyone. Another easy decoration option is to string up some fairy lights – they will add a cozy glow to your room!